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How to read the predictions?

When you choose one of the sections (football or handball), a list of matches that are played today will appear. Next to each listed match, a shortened version of the prediction is shown, which contains expected result, weight and tip.
If you want to see more detailed statistics and tables, just click in details next to the match. Then a table with rates of wins, draws and defeats, and the average amounts of goals scored and goals conceded will be presented. There are also shown 4 league tables: the overall table, home table, away table and recent form (last 6 games) table.
And the most important part for betters is included in tip section. Here you can find:
predicted score - the most probable game result calculated by automated algorithm,
tip - our suggestions how to bet:
      1  - home win
      x  - draw
      2  - away win
      1x - home win or draw
      x2 - draw or away win,
weight - a value that specifies how much one team has an advantage over the other. The higher this value, the greater advantage and thus a chance to win. The weight value can be positive or negative. A positive value indicates a home team advantage, a negative value - a guest team advantage. The more weight is close to zero, the more close game is going to be.

Of course, the given predicted results should not be considered as certain. This is only automatically calculated the most probable result of the game. Our experience has shown that the tips presented here turn out to be correct in approximately 75% of cases. However, there may always be an unexpected outcome... but after all that's the beauty of sport and we love sport for it ...thus the predictions presented here should be regarded mainly as a betting help.

Thank you and good luck in betting!